Who can become a part of the PS#3 PTA? 

All are encouraged to join the PS#3 PTA - parents/relatives of students, teachers, administration, and neighbors. 

Why should I become a member?  

By joining the PTA you become part of an organization dedicated to maintaining quality educational and enrichment programs.

How do I become a member?

Download this application, submit to the PTA mail box outside the main office with $5 fee.

I am a member, now what?

Congratulations and thank for being a part of the PS#3 PTA.  Upon receipt of your membership card, go to http://pta.org/activate to activate your card and receive exclusive discounts or special services.  To see a list of the Member Benefits Provider Program click here.

When are PTA meetings?

PTA meetings take place mostly on the 3rd Tuesday of the month - Check the calendar for exact dates and times

Where are PTA meetings?

PTA meetings are held in the PS#3 Auditorium or Cafeteria at 111 Bright Street, JC, NJ 07302.

How do I become involved?

Attend meetings, volunteer at PTA events.

How do I volunteer?

Show up at meetings and events for general volunteer opportunities.

We are compiling a list of common questions and answers. Have a question?

email us at ps3board@ps3pta.org

Inclement Weather/Security Updates at PS#3


  • 1. Beginning at 9:15 am each morning, all visitors to the building must ring the outside bell and provide a reason for entering the building. 
  • 2. Parents will no longer be able to bring lunches to the school after school begins.  All children who do not have lunch can purchase from the cafeteria.  
  • 3. All children are to be dropped off at the assigned location prior to 8:45 am.  You will not be permitted to enter the main doors with your child before 8:45 unless you have a meeting with a teacher.
  • 4. After 8:45 am, pre-K children will be escorted to class by a staff member.  Parents are not to go past the security desk.  
  • 5. Middle School Students are no longer able to wait after-school in the building unsupervised.  Parents that this effects can contact CASPER facilitators or teachers to see if they can utilize your child's services.  There must be an adult responsible for the safety and security of every minor in the building.
  • Protocols are not meant to make anyone feel less a part of the community.  These procedures are in place to protect all children and staff members from unauthorized personnel.  Parents are still welcome in the building as much as they were before, however, with proper notification and appointments though the teacher.
  • In the event of an anticipated inclement weather dismissal (based on forecasts), you will receive a robo-call between 6 and 6:30 indicating such.  The dismissal the other day went very smoothly and we will follow the same procedure.
  • 2:25: Dismissal Commences
  • K, 1: Dismiss from the theatre
  • 2: Dismiss from Playroom
  • 3-5 Dismiss from Cafeteria
  • Pre-K will dismiss (except 107 and 109) as normal
  • 107 will dismiss through 104
  • 109 will dismiss through 112
  • Thank you for your consideration in this matter as we organize our resources for a safe dismissal.