Art A (PreK & K) -  Art class will be an introduction level to art suitable to the dexterity and the Fine Motor Skills of 3-5 year olds. Students will use the basic language of art to discuss their own artwork, recognize and find those elements (line, shape, color, form) in art, everyday objects, and nature. They will develop fine motor skills and use a wide variety of art materials/media. Students will also observe art created by various cultures and by master artists, and learn to use materials appropriately and safely; all while appreciating the creativity of others.

October 1/ Rainbow Colors Art - October 15th/RainBow Color Tree Art - October 22nd/Owl Art  - October 29th/Pumpkin Art - November 5th/ Sun and Moon Art  - November 19th/ Line Art - November 26th/ Leaves Art -December 3th/Splatter Art - December 10th/ Food Art - December 17th Winter Art 

JC Nutcracker: Cookies (K,  1st) Students in this class will learn and rehearse choreography from Nimbus Dance Works' Jersey City Nutcracker. These students (Ages 5-6) will perform alongside professional dancers in 1 performance of Nimbus Dance Works' Jersey City Nutcracker as Cookies in a fully produced performance with costumes and lights. Participants must be available for additional weekend rehearsals on December 2 and 9 as well as the performance on December 22. 

Cooking A (K-2nd) - Bambino comes to school with all the supplies and ingredients to cook up a storm with the budding chefs. One of the main goals is to educate our young audience on healthy eating habits.

Soccer B (1st-5th)  -Students practice fundamental soccer skills by practicing drills, including dribbling, passing/receiving balls, playing 1v1 and score.  Students end each class with a game.


Soccer A (PreK & K) - Students learn fundamental soccer skills by practicing drills, including dribbling the ball in and out of zones and passing/receiving the ball.  Students end each class with a game.

Clay (1st- 5th grade) - Taught by Jackie Hernandez, a sculptor. Children get the chance to work with clay! Children receive the opportunity to make useful objects (bowls, spoons, forks, and cups) out of clay. They also have the opportunity to make their own miniature sculpture. The clay that is being used is non-toxic air-dry clay (safe for children). They have the chance to understand art as a 3-dimensional piece. Once the clay is dry, they get to paint their pieces provided by the teacher.

Hip Hop (1st- 5th grade)- This after-school program combines elements of modern dance, jazz and Hip Hop. Students gain confidence and ability in expressing themselves physically and artistically. While developing strength, flexibility and coordination in their physical bodies, students are also exposed to creative activities that develop communication, confidence, team-building and social skills - all while having fun and dancing to groovy music! Students will have the opportunity to perform in a produced recital performance at the culmination of the program, presented by Nimbus Dance Works.


Yoga (PreK4-K) Mindful Play Yoga students will practice:  yoga, play yoga games, practice mindfulness (aka awareness), read stories and coloring mandalas.  Jamie Wilson-Murray's passion is to share yoga with kids by offering them the tools to feel grounded, balanced, strong, flexible and learn body awareness to self-regulate emotions.  Mindful Play Yoga is committed to inspiring children to be curious and become lifelong learners. Life is playfulness.  

Lego (K - 5th) - Bricks 4 Kidz After-School Classes build on the universal popularity of LEGO® Bricks to deliver a high quality of educational play. Each class is a fun, enriching experience for your child. Kids build a new project each week using the classic and technic LEGO® elements loved by generations of children.  Why choose Bricks 4 Kidz? Problem solving and critical thinking skills are developed, math and science concepts are explored through hands-on projects, creativity and self-confidence are encouraged,  teamwork is fostered, and more!

Art B (1-5)  - Art B is designed for older students - They will create 5 art pieces that will take 2 classes eachto complete. October 3th/10th Rainbow Color Tree Art - October 17th/24th Sun and Moon Art -November 11th/28th Line Art - December 5th/12th Frida Kahlo Skull Art - December 19th/January 2nd Winter Scenery Art  

Tennis (1st & 2nd) -TennisApproach offers a great way to get children from your school into the game of tennis. We provide all of the equipment including appropriately sized nets, rackets, balls and learning aids. We strive ultimately to create a fun and engaging way for children of all ages to learn the sport of tennis.


 NimbusDANCE (Pre K, K): A dance program designed for younger students, this series of after-school classes teaches students basic concepts of movement, music, and creative exploration, while introducing elements of Ballet and Modern Dance. The class provides a perfect orientation to dance as an art form within an environment that balances structure with creative exploration and play. Students will have the opportunity to perform in a produced recital performance at the culmination of the program, presented by Nimbus Dance Works.

Break Dance (1st - 5th) - BBoy BGirl Lifestyle aims to enrich a student’s talents, self-confidence, and personal growth. They will be introduced to origins of Breaking, Locking, Popping, and Rocking; physical character development through music; and fundamentals of Breaking.

Drawing B (1st-5th) - Back to school is in full swing as we present a bountiful selection of drawings that introduces our students to a fascinating world of color, pattern, and design. We say farewell to summer in our detailed still life drawing of a beach. We explore color usage and composition in our chameleon and fire truck drawings. In keeping with the season, our stylized fall leaves drawing challenges our technique and color scheme. Our students will learn cultural themes as they draw and color Kawaii inspired art.

Cooking B (3rd-5th) - Bambino comes to school with all the supplies and ingredients to cook up a storm with the budding chefs. One of the main goals is to educate our young audience on healthy eating habits.


Duplo (PreK) - Engaging models based on a variety of themes, including the alphabet, animals and more are the building blocks of our Bricks 4 Kidz pre-school curriculum. In this class, children build a model based on one of the themed units, while practicing essential pre-school skills including: letter recognition, patterns, colors, counting, position and ordering, fine and motor skills, and more! All this while having fun!

Drawing A (PreK4 & K) - Young Rembrandts classes will challenge and excite your budding artist while prepare your child as a lifelong learner. Drawings like the marbles will help your pre-schooler master the art of creating a circle, a deceptively simple yet complex shape. The acorn and apple tree drawing will strengthen your child’s compositional skills and use of colors. Basic facial and figure drawing will also be addressed as our students learn to draw a funny clown and scarecrow. These are just a few of the many great lessons our students will learn.

Chess (1st - 5th) -  Students are introduced to the basic history of chess and learn piece name, movement, and capture, as well as board notation and setup.  The concepts of check, checkmate, and stalemate and castling (all aspects) will follow.  Finally, they will briefly learn central control and development and two checkmates. Classes for younger students are taught in an interactive and playful form. Students use chess equipment in each class. Part of the class is board demonstrations and part practical interaction. In addition to practical learning, children are introduced to the basic principals of chess, as well as begin exploring new avenues of critical thinking.

Musicalz: (2nd - 5th) - City Kidz Playhouse presents Mini Musicalz: Mini Musicalz is a comprehensive musical theatre program focusing on the fundamentals of singing, dancing and acting. Throughout this session, students will be guided through activities and given tools to increase their vocal abilities and movement technique. Attention to  performance quality will also be explored through creative play. This program will culminate in a performance of excerpts from a Broadway musical. Come create with us!