PS3 PTA Meeting -  September 19, 2017

These are tentative minutes and have not been approved - Minutes will be approved at the next PTA meeting.

Meeting called at 9:08am

I.      Pledge of Allegiance & Welcome

II.     Minutes read and approved

III.   Financials reviewed and approved

·      Current working balance is lower than usual because the PTA did not run a summer camp this year

·      Fundraising effort and donation outreach will be done in order to supplement this year’s financial needs

IV.   Fundraising

·      Cherrydale begins this week. More details:

·      Packets are coming home in student folders this week outlining the option to sell product in person or online.

·      Important dates:

o   Forms due:  October 2

o   Product arrives:  November 14.  Please note:  We do not have on-site refrigeration for storage of non-perishable items.  Products must be picked up during announced pick-up times. 2-6 pm


V.    Upcoming Events

·      Minion Character Breakfast:  9/23 from 8am to 10am at Applebee’s

o   $12 ticket proceeds for Conwell Kidz at National Performing Arts Festival

·      Tigerpalooza:  9/30 from 12pm to 4pm at PS3

o   Free admission for all PS3 students.  $5 for all other guests who would like access to rides.

o   Volunteers needed.  Sign up here:


VI.   Volunteering

·      Throughout the year, the PTA is in need of volunteers for various events and programs.  Online sign-up forms will be posted/emailed.

·      Current Volunteer Needs

o   Recess Committee:  Bring playground equipment out during lunch recess 

§  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:30am to 1:30pm

§  Also accepting donations of sports equipment (i.e. hula hoops, jump rope)

§  Contact Karin Vanoppen at

VII. Afterschool Clubs

·      Starting week of 10/16 with vendors, such as soccer, art, dance

·      Available to PreK through 5th grade from Monday through Friday

·      Tentative schedule currently up as online registration process is currently being streamlined:

·      At least one parent volunteer needed for each club in order for it to be offered.  Volunteer outreach will be announced with registration.  Incentive:  Receive a full refund for ONE club by volunteering and appearing for every session during the semester.

VIII.  Other Items

·      Accepting PTA memberships for 10/1/17 thru 9/30/18.  $5 fee + application.

·      There is a petition for a re-design of Grand Street supported by BikeJC and SafeStreetJC.  Brigid d’Souza is meeting with BikeJC’s key coordinator on 9/20 to make him aware of the congestion issues in the vicinity of PS3 during drop-off/pickup.  Please contact her if you would like to stay informed on this effort.

·      Please complete the Emergency Contact online form:

·      Stay connected with PS3:

o   Facebook:  @ps3pta

o   Facebook:  @conwellps3

o   Facebook:  conwelltigers1718

o   Website:


Meeting adjourned at 9:42am