Week of Feb 11

Good Morning Conwell Tigers!!  


Big week at the Tiger Den down on Bright Street.  This week we continue through the 3rd Marking Period with an eye towards the Spring.   We have been very fortunate with minimal snow accumulations thus far but the weather is still pretty chilly out there.  I am really asking your concerted effort to make sure that the children are dressed appropriately with hats, gloves, and warm coats.


The Lost and Found has been very well organized and it is clear that many of your have made investments to its existance as without lost clothes, there would be no Lost and Found.  Why don’t you come on in and check it out if you are missing things. Also continue to label all clothing so we are able to return it to its rightful owner.


So… ELA and Math Extended Day continues on Monday and Tuesday..  Thursday is ValenKINDs Day…. and the 100th day of school…. Can you think of 100 ways to be KIND?   I can think of one… Free dress down if you wear red to school…


On Friday.. We are going to commemorate the 100th Day of School and Presidents Day!!   Staff and students are encouraged to dress up either as if you are 100 years old (no botox please..) or your favorite US President.


Tiger Cubz rehearsal on Thursday after school.  No Engineering Club this week.


Folks….I mean it…   the children are NICER,  KINDER, and more RESPECTFUL because of our vision and our partnership with you…   


Thank you and have a fantastic Sunday..