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Dear PTA Member,

We urge you to read this entire post as there is important information you need to know about our recent fundraiser, the after-school enrichment program, and support for our teachers. Our next PTA meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 27th at 6pm in the Wallace Theater. For more information and to sign up click: African-American History Month Celebration.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you for your support with our first Lee Sims chocolate lollipop fundraiser -- we raised $1,454 with a 50% profit. These funds will go towards the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast and Field Day activities. Chocolates without a candygram were delivered to classrooms yesterday and chocolate candygrams were delivered to classrooms today.

After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP)

Many of you have asked when the Winter/Spring session will start. We are trying to refute the incurred security guard fees (around $3,400) for the Fall session. As mentioned in previous meetings, we were notified the program would be assigned one security guard daily AFTER it had already started. It was too late to cancel the program as arrangements had already been made with vendors and with parents. Currently we are the only parent organization that has been billed and pressured to pay. Had we known of this new district regulation, program sustainability and pricing would have been discussed and adjusted accordingly.

Correspondence to Mr. Youmans (, Mr. O'Reilly (, Dr. Lyles ( and the Board of Education Members have gone unanswered in terms of what the hourly rate moving forward will be, financial responsibility if there is a staggered shift schedule, whether or not we have to pay the fall session due to the lack of notification, questioning the charge since there are guards assigned to the school everyday until 4:10pm (our program ends at4:30pm), and consideration to share the cost with CASPER since half the students are from CASPER. In addition, the PTA was never given a guard assignment schedule to know who was assigned to our program. With the exception of one guard who would check in with the program on their assigned day sometimes, no other guard assisted with dismissal, moved students to and from classes, or walked around to check on the classes that were in session. This job was always taken care of by our Clubs Coordinator and Club Volunteers. What is the assigned guard doing for the PTA that we have to pay $42.82/hr for?

Remember, the PS3 PTA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a limited budget relying solely on fundraising. Many members such as yourself offer your time and work very hard to provide the school with Tigerpalooza, Family Science Night, cultural celebrations, Field Day, Teacher Appreciation Breakfast, Health & Fitness Week/Disco Party, and the ASEP. The ASEP is a convenient and low-cost enrichment program that would otherwise require you and your child(ren) to travel to and from the program location and pay up to double/triple the class fees.

We patiently bided our time and now ask for YOUR help to get our questions answered and to decide on the viability of a Winter/Spring session ASEP. Contact Dr. Lyles, Mr. Youmans, Mr. O'Reilly, and Ms. Regina Robinson ( to let them know we need the answers to our questions regarding regulations for assigning programs with a security guard.  Please take this short 2-question ASEP Survey to find out your willingness to incur a $25 security fee PER CLASS and your child(ren)'s grade(s) for the sustainability of the ASEP. We need sufficient responses to make an informed decision on whether you want the ASEP to continue. A lack of responses will lead to the cancellation of the program which many of the local businesses and PS3 families like yours have relied upon for the past 8 years.

Voice your concerns at tomorrow's Board of Education Meeting -- Thursday, February 15th at 6:00pm in PS #11, Martin Luther King, Jr. School, located at 886 Bergen Avenue. To speak at the meeting, contact Ms. Veda Rencher at 201-915-6074 by 12pmtomorrow.

Support Our Teachers

Have you wondered why our teachers have been rallying in front of the school between 7:15 and 8:00am for the past four weeks? All Jersey City Public School Teachers are working without a contract, have not had yearly salary increases, and pay extremely high rates for their healthcare. Negotiations between the NJEA and the Board have been ongoing for months. 

Show your support in any of the following ways:

·       Attend tomorrow's Board of Education Meeting (PS#11, 886 Bergen Avenue)

·       Write a letter to the Editor of The Jersey Journal, The Hudson Reporter, and/or El Diario

·       Join the staff in their morning rallies from 7:15-8:00am

·       Contact the following people:

Jersey City Board of Education

Dr. Marcia Lyles, Superintendent

(201) 915-6202

Sudhan Thomas, President

(201) 915-6074

Lorenzo Richardson, Vice-President

(201) 915-6074

Mussab Ali

(201) 915-6074

Amy DeGise

(201) 915-6074

Luis Fernandez

(201) 915-6074

Vidya Gangadin

(201) 915-6074

Marilyn Roman

(201) 915-6074

Matt Schapiro

(201) 915-6074

Angel Valentin

(201) 915-6074


City of Jersey City

Steven Fulop, Mayor

(201) 547-5200

Rolando Lavarro, President

(201) 547-5268

Daniel Rivera, At-Large

(201) 547-5319

Joyce Watterman, At-Large

(201) 547-5134

Denise Ridley, Ward A

(201) 547-5098

Mira Prinz-Arey, Ward B

(201) 547-5092

Richard Boggiano, Ward C

(201) 547-5159

Michael Yun, Ward D

(201) 547-3534

James Solomon, Ward E

(201) 547-5315

Jermaine Robinson, Ward F

(201) 547-5338


Hudson County

Tom DeGise, County Executive

(201) 795-6200

Kenneth Kopacz

(201) 795-6001

Bill O'Dea

(201) 795-6001

Jerry Walker

(201) 795-6001

Joel Torres

(201) 795-6001

Anthony Romano

(201) 795-6001

Anthony Vaineiri

(201) 795-6001


We thank you for your cooperation and ongoing support. Working together we can serve our children and support our teachers. Please attend tomorrow's BOE meeting to voice your concerns (call Ms. Veda Rencher at 201-915-6074 by 12pmtomorrow to be placed on the list to speak). We look forward to seeing you and your family at our monthly meeting onFebruary 27th.

-The PS3 PTA Executive Board