Week of December 19

Good Evening Conwell Tigers,

There is no Conwell Cubz Choir until January. There is no Extended Day this week.

There is a JTF Rehearsal on Monday and Wednesday from 3-6PM.

Staff and Students may wear pajamas to school on Wednesday.

Thursday, December 22nd is a half day. Dismissal is at 12:40 PM. There is NO CASPER/NO CLUBS/NO EXTENDED DAY. The building will be LOCKED at 12:55 PM. No adult will be available to watch your children after this time. You MUST make arrangements to have your child picked up on time.

Have a great evening.

Buenas tardes tigres de Conwell,

No habrá ensayo de coro Conwell Cubz hasta enero. No habra dia extendido esta semana.

El lunes y miercoles habrá ensayo programado para el Festival de Teatro Juvenil 3:00 pm - 6:00pm.

El miercoles, personal y estudiantes pueden a llevar las pijamas a la escuela.

El jueves, es un medio dia. NO HAY DÍA EXTENDIDO NI CLUBES NI CASPER. Por favor hacer los arreglos necesarios para que los niños sean recogidos a TIEMPO.

Buenas tardes.

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