PS3 PTA 1st Annual Health & Fitness Week




Monday, April 7th -  Friday, April 11th


It’s time to get outside and enjoy Spring!  We want to encourage our children and parents to get up, go outside and move around, and make healthy choices whenever possible.


“Let’s move-a-thon”

Let’s see how many minutes we can “move” in a week as a school!  The children will log all the minutes they do any kind of physical activity for the entire week. We will tally all the minutes “moved” and Principal Mischel will do one of several wacky things.  Collectively, the more you move the wackier it will be!

Exercise & Play before the Bell

Join us daily at 8:00am in the PS#3 Backyard for a 20-minute morning exercise and play session led by surprise guests.  Be there for the official kick-off beginning Monday, April 7th!


The PS3 PTA Health & Fitness Bazaar

Join us at the PTA meeting on Tuesday, April 8th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm for a Health & Fitness Bazaar.   


Check your child's backpack for coupons from local vendors encouraging healthy choices and fitness for children and parents.


Parent Power Walk to Liberty State Park

Let’s walk, talk and get to know each other better!  Meet at the PS#3 flagpole by the front entrance at 9:00am Monday thru Thursday for a 60-minute power walk to LSP.

Stay tuned for Health & Fitness updates

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We look forward to “moving” with you!


The PS3 PTA Health & Fitness Week Committee: Catalina Aranguren, Julie Chambers, Aga ChenFu, Adam Irving, Angela Santiago, Nora Simonsen, Lauren White-Blank


Let’s raise awareness about the importance of healthy habits!