PS3 Gala

So PS#3 is having its first-ever gala where we are trying to raise money to send 20 children to perform in Atlanta, GA as they have been selected to attend the annual Junior Theater Festival. This is the largest venue where drama programs across the country have a chance to learn together and participate in a once in a lifetime experience. Our Conwell Kidz have been selected to perform a 15 minute sequence. In addition the proceeds will be used to help fund numerous activities that take place at PS#3. For example, today we had an in-house pumpkin patch where each child was able to take home a pumpkin. We also, as a school, use the funds to host special lunch pizza parties and end of year bbq's for the children. When the school partners with the PTA for various functions, we often split the costs of security or building use in order to share in the burden. Each grade level also is eligible to raise funds for special events, like last year's Smencil and Smen sale, and these general fundraisers can supplement the costs of special grade level events.

The PS#3 Tricky Tray/Gala is an opportunity to also honor some people who are very special to the history of our school. Each honoree for this inaugural gala was selected because of their connection to the legacy of PS#3.

Mrs. Elba Cinciarelli, a retired teacher, was a teacher leader in the school for her entire career at PS#3. She was a middle school math teacher and when the new building opened, Mrs. Cinciarelli became the 3rd and 4th grade math teacher and was responsible for the successes of so many students.

Ms. Luz Mayi, a former PS#3 Parent Council leader, worked tirelessly with the community and with Mrs. Mary Ann Wallace (former principal) to ensure that the new PS#3 facility became a reality. Her blood, sweat, and tears went into ensuring that the facility in which our children currently attend became a reality. Without her tenacity, PS#3 may still be down the block.

Mr. Franklin Walker, Associate Superintendent of Schools is a PS#3 alumni. His story and legacy started at PS#3. His family didn't have much when he was a child and the trials and tribulations he overcame to become the man he is today is truly a testament to what I believe all children are capable of. He is a role model for so many youngsters in Jersey City and he is a proud graduate of our institution.

Recently I heard one of our teachers discussing with the children the importance of remembering the founding fathers of our country. In this same vain, I find it appropriate to teach the children about the history of Jersey City and for them to understand the connection they have to one of the cornerstone institutions of learning in the Jersey City Public Schools. In years to come, we will celebrate and honor many of those who have contributed to what PS#3 is today.

I thank you for your time in reading this post and hope that you join us on November 14 as it is sure to be a wonderful event. If there is ever a time to celebrate PS#3 it is now.

Principal Mischel