Dear PS3 PTA 2013-14 Member,


We hope all is well and that you and your child(ren) have had a good start to the school year.  We wanted to give you an update on a few things that have been happening this fall, what we are working on behind the scenes, and some of the events coming up the next couple of months!


PS3 PTA Memberships:

To date we have 69 PS3 PTA members and 9 non-distributed PS3 PTA Membership Stipends.  Last school year we had around 350 PS3 PTA members.  Please spread the word and encourage the parents in your child’s class to become PS3 PTA members, volunteer and have a voice in what is happening at PS3.  Per the PS3 PTA bylaws our 2013-14 membership list and our members’ contact information is not shared with any 3rd party.  All official PS3 PTA email will come from a email.


PS3 PTA After School Enrichment Clubs:

The 2013 PS3 PTA After School Enrichment Clubs got off to great start the week of October 21st.  A total of 90 children signed up and are now having fun enjoying Soccer, Dance, Duplo, Lego, Basketball and Drawing after school.  We are actively looking for one or two parents or teachers to take over the management and day-to-day implementation the After School Enrichment Clubs for the Spring.  This is a great opportunity to really impact the “after school day” for our children.  The PS3 PTA will offer a stipend to the person(s) taking on this important job.  If you are interested in learning more about this great opportunity, and work with the PS3 PTA Executive Board, please contact us at as soon as possible.


“Movie Under the Stars” hosted by the PS3 Administration, Mrs. Nicole Oliver ‘s Conwell Kidz Drama Club & the PS3 PTA:

On Friday October 25th, 2013 we had our first of hopefully many “Movie under the Stars” in the school’s backyard.  About 200 kids and parents came with blankets and lawn chairs, and even though it was chilly, we all enjoyed the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, hot dogs, popcorn and lots of yummy cupcakes and cookies provided by Mrs. Nicole Oliver’s Conwell Kidz Drama Club.  A special thanks to everyone who helped make it such an awesome event. The volunteers who helped out at the concession stand: Paula Young, Errol Young, Aixa Acevedo, Kathy Tessardi, Lydia Irving, and Reinaldo Mendez;  The Conwell Kidz Drama Club parents, Rita Turok and Carolina De Brigard for baking;  Mr. Lopez for arranging for the screen, and Principal Mischel for welcoming everyone and allowing us to use the school’s facilities.


Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 PS3 PTA meeting, Hispanic Heritage Celebration & Bright Street Development:

Over the past months, parents have at different times reached out to the PS3 PTA and voiced a concern over the Bright Street Redevelopment planned across the street from our school.  As the PS3 PTA we are concerned of what impact this development will have on our children’s and teachers’ school day, the noise and traffic from construction, as well as a general concern around this type of housing and the transient population it invites into our school’s neighborhood.

As such, at the meeting, the PS3 PTA put forth a motion ”to speak out against the Bright and Varick redevelopment, on behalf of the general body.  We are concerned about the safety concerns for our children, congestion during drop off and pick up, noise, garbage and debris, as well as other issues that we would like to address before the development begins.” 

The motion passed, and the Donohue and Bernouy Families will speak on behalf of the PS3 PTA on this matter going forward.

After the formal part of the meeting we celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with a wonderful presentation by Carolina, a couple of short films, and delicious food, including Colombian bunuelos, Mexican taquitos, and Argentinian empanadas from Stella’s Empanadas.  A special thanks to Aixa Acevedo, Carolina De Brigard, and Aura Gonzales for organizing the Hispanic Heritage Celebration.


PS3 PTA & Frank R. Conwell PS3 parent representative appointments:

The PS3 PTA and parents in our school are at times invited to participate in different school and district wide committees and advisory boards.  These are separate volunteer positions from the PS3 PTAcommittees announced at the beginning of the school year.  The PS3 PTA and Principal Mischel have to date made the following appointments:


  • PS3 School Leadership Committee: Angela Santiago
  • PS3 Building Emergency Management Team: Angela Santiago
  • Title 1 Parent Advisory Council: Nora Simonsen and Caroline Doyle
  • Parent Spanish Advisory Board: Carolina De Brigard


We thank them all for their time and support and for representing our school and children.  The JCPS Central Office is currently looking for a couple of parent volunteers to participate on an “Instructional Committee.”  We would very much like to have a parent from our school on this committee.  If you interested in learning more about this volunteer position please send an email to


PS3 PTA Fundraising:

There are a lot of active and passive ways to raise funds for our school’s Principal and the PS3 PTA.  The 2013-14 School year’s fund raising has gotten off to an excellent start with the Fall Catalog Fundraiser.  Thank you to all our families who participated.

The PS3 PTA has also taken a closer look at all the reward programs and passive fundraisers that are out there.  Make sure to “Like” the PS3 PTA on Facebook to keep up-to-date on these programs: Box Top for Education, French Toast Uniforms, Target’s Take Charge of Education.  We are working on signing up for more, to mention some: Pathmark 1% Rewards, Lands End Uniforms and Spirit Wear, Labels for Education, Mabels Labels. 

To see how much we have raised, be on the look out for the PS3 PTA Fundraising Barometer by the Main entrance on the PTA Pin Board.


PS3 PTA and Frank R Conwell PS3 Upcoming events:

Lastly, please mark your calendars and save-the-date for these upcoming events at Frank R. Conwell PS3:


  • Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 PS3 PTA Meeting 6.00pm to 8.00pm:  Conwell Drama Kidz Sneak Peak of “Yes Virginia The Musical”, and all you need to know about The 1st Annual PS3 PTA & Frank R. Conwell Read-a-thon.
  • Monday, December 16th through Friday, December 20th, 2013:  The Scholastic Book Fair.  The book fair will be open to parents Monday through Friday from 9.00am to 3.00pm, and on Tuesday December 10th the book fair will be open until 8.00pm.
  • Wednesday, December 18th & Thursday, December 19th, 2013:  The Conwell Kidz Drama Club’s Performance of “Yes, Virginia The Musical” in the PS3 Auditorium.
  • Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 PS3 PTA Meeting 6.00pm to 8.00pm:  The 2nd Annual Lunar New Year Celebration.


Be on the lookout for the following new and exciting things coming from your PS3 PTA – The PS3 Family Science Nights, The PS3 PTA Newsletter, The PS3 PTA Website, The PS3 PTA Class Parent Coffee Focus Group.


As always, if you like to volunteer, be part of any of our volunteer committees please let us know - it is never too late to join and we can always use the extra help and ideas!



Nora Simonsen

Correspondence Secretary, PS3 PTA


Together with:

Lauren Blank, President PS3 PTA

Angela Santiago, Vice President PS3 PTA

Charlene Falls, Treasurer PS3 PTA

Evelyn Santiago, Recording Secretary PS3 PTA