2013 - 2014 School Year

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Friends of PS3:

We hope you are having a wonderful summer and enjoying every free minute you have with your children. We, the newly elected Executive Board of the PS3PTA, are ready and excited for the new school year. We look forward to seeing you all in September when we can formally welcome our new Principal, Mr. Mischel.

To start we have a couple of announcements. First, Mrs. Felicia Palmer has decided to resign from our Executive Board. We wish to take this opportunity to thank Felicia for her positive contributions to the PS3PTA. The remaining members of the executive board have nominated and elected Angela Santiago to replace her as Vice President.

This summer the PS3PTA was hard at work overseeing the Summer Enrichment Program and brainstorming new ideas for the new school year. We could not be more excited to share our ideas and gain your support as we embark on this new journey. We hope that after reading this email you will say, “YES, I want to be part of the NEW PS3PTA!”

Participate, cooperate and amaze!
We are looking for new and old volunteers. Below you will find the approved 2013-14 PS3 PTA committees. Please take a moment to look them over, and let us know via email: yes@ps3pta.org which committee you can see yourself take an active role in and commit to for the next 12 months. We are optimistic and hope to see at least 3-5 members in each committee. The PS3PTA board will support you in any way we can to give you the room and the tools your committee needs to succeed and amaze the PS3 family!

The PS3 PTA committees are:

Class Parent Coordinator
Communication is everything! This committee will be responsible for making sure every class has a class parent and distributing vital information to them. We would like to see every class from Prek3 through 5th grade have one class parent. If a class does not have a “parent” this committee should assist in getting the class an "adoptive" class mom/dad for the school year. 

The PS3 PTA Newsletter
Can you commit to publishing a monthly newsletter? It can include anything from pictures, updates on what the different grades are up to, miscellaneous school and/or class projects, interviews with teachers, administrators, parents, and kids. There are so many wonderful things going on in our school that we would like to see this shared through a newsletter.

After School Clubs
This committee will be in charge of organizing, implementing and following-up with the After School Clubs and Activities. We need volunteers who can work with outside vendors and the school administration. The committee will be responsible for seeing the PS3PTA After School Clubs through on a daily basis.

Project PLAY (Promoting Lifetime Activity for Youth)
This is an established PS3PTA committee. We would like to see it continue to develop the use of our school’s outdoor area. 

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)
Last year many of our families were able to enjoy the Liberty Science Center through their family membership. We need volunteers to continue promoting this amazing opportunity for our kids.

Fundraising & Grant Writing
There are many ways to raise funds for the PTA and its programs. We need someone to be in charge of finding those creative ways to fund our innovative projects and ideas. Parents that are able to think outside of the box and beyond the bake sale (though they are always welcome!) are requested.

Book Club
This club was introduced at the end of the last school year. We need volunteers who love books and reading to form this committee whose goal is to further the enjoyment of reading! 

Heritage & Multicultural
Has anyone ever tried to figure out how many nationalities we have represented at PS3? We are sure you would all be amazed. This committee will be an umbrella committee for all the heritage clubs at school and see through their different celebrations.

Special & Community Events
First and foremost we are a community. We would like to see more events bringing us together - anything from field trips, to carnivals, to softball games, to BBQs, to coat & uniform drives, to family science nights, etc. We need energetic and creative individuals to spearhead these events.

Please keep in mind that the committee descriptions are a general overview and only meant to give you a starting point. The possibilities are unlimited. The PS3PTA is “in” on any idea or activity as long as you can make a valid argument and you are willing to do the work to make it happen.

Your first task as committees once we have connected our 2013-14 volunteers will be to present to the PS3PTA Executive Board a simple plan of what you would like your committee to accomplish this school year, how you want to do it, and what type of support you would need from us and the PS3 Administration to make it happen.

We look forward to hearing from you and together making this an amazing school year!

Kindest regards,
Lauren White- President
Angela Santiago- Vice President
Charlene Falls- Treasurer
Nora Simonson- Corresponding Secretary
Evelyn Santiago- Recording Secretary


1. There will be a welcome address by the PTA and our new principal Mr. Mischel on Tuesday September 10th, 2013 at 5:45pm, before the School Open House. Make sure you come to renew your PTA or LSC memberships or just to hear the wonderful things our new principal has in store for us!

2. If you have any outgrown uniforms that are clean and in good condition please feel free to drop them off with the school nurse anytime throughout the school year.