Welcome to PS3

We've all been there. Your little one is starting school and you have questions. We've tried to assemble the most common questions and answers here, feel free to email the PS3 PTA as well at ps3board@ps3pta.org. Also no one expects you to know all of this info the first day, the teachers and staff will have many more answers and guidance once you start school.

But here are some of the questions you might have:

  •  What is the school uniform and where can I purchase it?  

The school uniform consists of orange collared tops (polos or button downs) and navy bottoms (slacks or skirts) with black, rubber-soled shoes. The PTA will be selling uniforms at the start of the school year.

You can order the official school uniform including the logo directly from our vendor, French Toast, by going to www.frenchtoast.com and enter school code QS4ARB. You can also purchase at Land's End.

You can also purchase generic/no logo versions of these at any store such as Target, Sears, Children’s Place, Old Navy or Lord's @ Journal Square.

  • What are school hours? What time and where do we pick up our children?

School begins at 8:30-8:40am for Pre-K and ends at 2:40pm.  You should drop-off and pick up your Pre-K child in their classroom via the Pre-K playground at the back of the school. If your child attends K-5, have them enter through the back doors. 

If you arrive at school after  8:45am, you must enter the school via the security desk where you will first sign-in with security and escort your child to the main office for a late pass before entering your child’s classroom.

  • What should our children bring on the first day? 

Children should bring a change of clothes to keep at school in the event of spills/accidents. Also a small sheet/blanket,  and toothbrush/toothpaste You may send breakfast and lunch for your child, or they may receive school lunch.  

  • Do we need to pack food for our children?  

No, You can pack a lunch if you would like, but the school also has a cafeteria and you can get a hot lunch everyday. If your child brings their own lunch from home, teachers cannot warm food for children.  In Pre-K the children will get breakfast as well as lunch. The cost is (to be filled out). Meals for Pre-K students are served in the classroom and your child will sit with his classmates and his teacher. 

On the first day you will fill out forms to assess who gets a free or discounted lunch and who does not. Meals are provided free of charge for all students during the first several days of school, while free/reduced price lunch applications are being processed. Based upon income guidelines, you will then be notified as to how much, if anything, you will need to pay for school lunch and breakfast.  Everyone should fill out the document, even if you don’t believe you’ll qualify as it helps the state better understand the population our school is serving.  

After a few weeks your teacher will give you your child's student id number and you can pay for breakfast and lunch online here

  • My (Pre-K) child eats breakfast at home.  Does she still need to participate in the breakfast at school? 

Yes, it is part of the Pre-K Daily Routine.  You can send something light, such a yogurt, granola bar or fruit, or opt for the school breakfast.

  • Is there an earlycare an/or aftercare program? 

Yes. The C.A.S.P.E.R program provides low-cost aftercare program in the school from 2:45-6:00pm daily. And the Morning S.T.A.R.S. program provides care before school begins, starting at 7:00am.

Registration and information will be available on the first week of school after 3:00pm. But C.A.S.P.E.R. aftercare will not start until the second week of school.

  • What shouldn’t my child bring?

Unless you're told otherwise, peanut products are allowed. Children, however, should not bring glass bottles, toys or hand-held technology devices.

  • Is there somewhere to leave a stroller?

No, the school does not have a space to accommodate/store strollers. Though there is now a bike rack for locking up bicycles.

  • What will happen on the first day?

On the first day, expect to stick around about an hour, You will have some paperwork to fill out unless your teacher sends it home with you.  After you've completed any paperwork in the classroom, it's typically advisable that you leave to allow your child to adjust to their new class. If you are starting in Kinder or older grades, you will not drop your child off in their class but instead will drop them by the cafeteria.

  • Is there a bus for Pre-K students from PS #37 or PS #12 to and from PS #3? 

In the past, Early Childhood has arranged a bus for some children, but there is no guarantee there will be one this year. If you have not been contacted about a bus but would like to get on the list, you can always call Early Childhood and ask, but assume it will not happen until a couple of weeks after school begins.

  • Curious about the HighScope curriculum? 

A week or so after school starts there will be an open house where your teachers will explain the curriculum to you. You can also head over here - http://www.highscope.org/ for general info.

  • How do I communicate with the teachers if I have questions? 

The first day you will meet your teachers and you can ask for their email. But all teachers also have office hours and will meet you if you have any problems or questions. Keep in mind that first week they have their hands full, meeting and getting to know the kids, so they will be very busy.

  • Anything else? 

One good thing to do the first day of school is to designate one or two parents the "class rep" and to make a list of all the parents with emails and phone numbers. That way you can communicate with your class with questions or other info.